How we help.

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You get free access to an experienced NHS Stop Smoking Adviser at a location and time to suit you. We’ll advise you on products to help you quit at prescription cost or free if you are exempt. You’ll also get behavioural support that can make a real difference to your success.

Our methods.

We work with you to devise a programme that will best suit you and give you the highest chance of success. Here you’ll find out what to expect when you stop,  can start to map your regular habits using a smoking diary, learn how to cope with cravings and discover a range of cessation aids and products – including NRT and Champix.

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How you’ll benefit.

No matter how old or young you are it is always a good time to stop smoking, as soon as you quit the benefits to your health and wealth begin. Find out how much money you’d save  if you quit. Discover how much your health will improve if you quit. And if you want to start a family be aware how harmful smoking can be during pregnancy.

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Current Campaign.

Take a look at the current PHE Smoking Cessation Campaign.

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Quit tips.

Quitting smoking isn’t easy, but when you see the drastic improvements to your life and health, you will want to set your action plan going as quickly as you can.

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Further sources of information to help support your decision and efforts to quit.

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